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There are an endless number of factors that can differentiate one tee from another. Two seemingly identical tees can be very different types of t-shirts when you dissect what goes into the construction all the way down to the thread level. How a tee is made has everything to do with the feel, fit and durability. Cotton Butcher only delivers quality clothing. And we hear that from our customers. But the purest review nevertheless comes from you, so order our best basics and find out yourself.


We use the best cotton so that we can offer you the highest quality apparel

Our Motto

Men l̶i̶k̶e̶ nééd proper basics so we make them

Pre-shrunk Cotton?

Fact: Cotton is a fabric that shrinks but the treatment we use for our shirts is that it has been pre-shrunk. Cotton Butcher T-shirts are pre-shrunk so that the length that you order remains the same. Some of our basics can’t be pre-shrunk so we have them made a little longer in the studio this way the shrinkage is compensated. The reason that the more expensive “pre-shrunk” cotton does not shrink in the dryer is because of a process that takes place during the fabric finishing processes. This basically gets the fabric to return to its natural state before the garment is sewn.

                                                   We got you covered.

Top material

100% top quality cotton.


Our shirts are Pre-shrunk so they keep their length and high quality


Cotton Butcher only wants responsibly produced apparel. That's why we have our clothes made in workshops in Portugal and our T-shirts in the far east, tailor-made for the best result. Our label is Certified: the Butchers (tailors) receive a great price and of course we make sure our butchers are happy. You can find more info about our certifcates by clicking on the link below.

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